Dental South China 04 – 07 April 2018

23rd Dental South China International Expo 2018 (Dental South China) is one of the biggest and most influential dental exhibition in China. Professional dentistry market participants met again to exchange state of the art, cutting-edge and practical knowledge in dentistry and present all kinds of dental products. Guangzhou, Guangdong province is also the largest dental equipment manufacturing base and the region where a lot of dental labs are concentrated in China.

Dental South China by numbers:

  • 56 000 visitors
  • 920 exhibitors
  • 54 000 square meters expo space.

Delian Technology and Trading Beijing and its sister company CDM Center of Excellence Ltd. presented its key products and innovations 2018 at the exhibition:

  • Delian Impression Materials
  • Delian Prosthetics
  • Delian Permanent Relining Materials
  • Delian Restoratives
  • Delian Implantology
  • Delian Diamond & Carbide Burs
  • Delian Consumables & Disposables
  • Delian Infection Control
  • Delian Endodontic Instruments & Materials
  • Delian Caries Prevention & Oral Hygiene
  • Delian Tooth Cleaning for Adult & Children

Thanks for the multiple contacts , discussions and extensive orders also in 2018 – we are sure 2018 will show a very strong business development for Delian Technology and Trading and CDM Center of Excellence as Chinese dental market is focusing more on its own strength and capabilities