International Tender Deliveries

CDM Center of Excellence High Quality Products and long term experience in international deliveries – is the best way to be a long term – reliable Partner in Dental Tender Business.

CDM Center of Excellence offers an international cooperation in product source, manufacturing and deliveries of high quality disposables, consumabels and technical supply for dental, surgical and general hospital. These services include public service, public hospitals as well as dental clinics and private clinical centers. CDM Center of Excellence has experience in dental therapy, technology and product source for more than 20 years. Based on our scientific disease research and own developed product program we offer special training lectures for a smart way to be the best and long term partner in public and private tenders and services.

In line with its own “from high quality products, instruments and techniques to best clinical results ” philosophy, CDM center of Excellence offers the following product range for medical and dental hospitals, clinics and surgeries:


  • Dental Equipment, Materials, Consumables, Orthodontic Supplies, Dental Stools (D056)
  • Dental Practice, Dental Service, Dental Surgery, Dentistry, Orthodontic Services (D055)
  • Feeding Bottles, Baby Bottles (F014)
  • Probe Drapes (P046)
  • Procedure Packs, Theatre Packs, Custom Packs (P071)
  • Wipes, Wet Wipes, Cotton Wool Products, Towlettes (W068)
  • Dental Bibs and PE Coated Paper Products

General Hospital Products

  • Home Delivery (All Medical Products) (H083)
  • Hospital Gloves, Nurses Gloves, Surgeon’s Gloves, Laboratory Gloves, Latex Gloves (G012)
  • Hospital Services, Treatment Centres, Dental Services, Clinical Services (H180)

Surgical Products – Disposabels

  • Lancets, Lancing (L038)
  • Medical Disposables, Surgical Consumables (M043)
  • Needles, Safety Needles, Injection, Needle-Free (N009)
  • Sharps Injury, Sharps Boxes, Sharps Bins, Sharps Disposable (S002)
  • Surgical Clippers, Surgical Razors (S164)
  • Wound Care, Wound management, Wound Drains, Vacuum Drainage, Wound Debridement (W035)

Infection Control

  • Hospital Gloves, Nurses Gloves, Surgeon’s Gloves, Laboratory Gloves, Latex Gloves (G012)
  • All kind of Face Mask
  • Sterilizers, Washer Disinfectors, Decontaminators, Autoclaves (S114)
  • Sterlisation Consumables (S054)


  • Radiology Consumables, X ray Consumables, Endovascular (R027)