Sino-Dental in Beijing 2018

The Sino-Dental in Beijing 2018 has just closed and it was this year again a great success for Delian Technology & Trading Beijing and its sister company CDM Center of Excellence Ltd.

With a new – better position and advanced design of our booth , we presented our extended product program – excellent in quality and with superior technology while very competitive in price.

We presented also our new advanced needle and syringe program manufactured in our new full automatic factory. For dental needles we will reach the next level of 100 million anaesthetic injections per year with our Delian brand and worldwide OEM business.

Beside the increased manufacturing capabilities in Dental and Medical device production in 2018 — we launched several new materials , consumables and instruments. And showed again the leadership of Delian Technology and Trading and CDM Center of Excellence in Science and Technical Innovation in China and in major Export markets..
On our booth we could meet the various and increasing demands of visitors and customers and are very proud of the very good results in direct sales and long term contracts.

Many thanks for all the interest and support.